Debi Singer


By Debi Darville-Singer


Greetings! My name is Debi Singer. I was born in Miami, Florida but spent most of my youth in the Bahama Islands where my father's family is from. I eventually moved back to the states and spent the rest of my school years in Pensacola, Florida. Thirty two years ago I ended up in Massachusetts where my husband is from, we are no longer together but he was and still is very supportive of my art and I thank him for that. We also had two beautiful daughters who have been such an inspiration for me. They are so very beautiful both inside and out and I couldn't be more proud of them. They are my world.

I have been taking photographs for most of my life but never thought seriously about making them available to the public, and over the last few years they have been the subjects of my paintings. I am hoping to get a series of sunsets and create a gallery for them. They were my first passion. I absolutely loved going out to Gulf Beach, Florida with my dog "Ring" and just sit there enjoying the tranquil sounds and beauty of what nature has to offer us and being able to photograph the magnificence of it. I am hoping that someday I will be rendering paintings from those photographs as well.

As you can see, I love doing florals. I especially enjoy going to the nearest nursery and walk around for hours enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of nature while taking numerous photographs of which some become my subjects to paint. Flowers are so delicate and whimsical to me along with being so incredibly strong and bold. The green foliage which accompanies these delicate objects always amaze me by the unique beauty each of them hold. When I photograph them, I love to get so close up that you can see every mysterious color and curve these beauties have.

I seem to go into another world while taking my photographs as I surely do when Iím painting a piece. It is a wonderfully quiet and serene place and I love being there. It has a great therapeutic effect on me for a time because I can enter a world in which I have no obsticals to hold me back.

I get such a good feeling in knowing that I am able to produce something that is hopefully pleasing to the eye of others. Also, to be able to transport the viewer to their quiet and serene place even if only for a short time.

As I am a continuing work in progress with my every day challenges, so is my art. Every time I paint a new piece or take another photograph I learn something new and I hope that I will continue to learn and be able to produce even more beautiful paintings and photographs for all to enjoy. I am self taught, but also try to continually learn more by taking whatever classes I can. You never know what you can do until you try it. So for any of you out there that tell themselves "Oh, I can't do that!", I say "Oh, Yes you can! The benefits are unbelievable.

Finally, I would like to take this time to thank my brother for all his support and the many sacrifices he has made over the years to help me keep my head above water. Because if it were not for him, I would not be in as good a place as I am in now. He is my "Rock". Also, his amazing garden which I have named "My Brother's Garden" has been an inspiration for me to keep taking photographs as he is continuously adding new plant life. I call him the "Imelda Marcos" of plants. He made a special tiled walkway all the way around the back yard just so that I could enjoy his beautiful garden always in the company of my camera and his wonderful dogs and my neices, Hailee and Teyla.

Remember to always Live life to the fullest, Laugh until your belly aches and Love one another unconditionally.

Below is a slide show of all my current work that you may watch at your leisure. If you see an image that you like just click on it and you will get more information. Thanks for visiting my site. Enjoy!

Art Prints


Tribute to Marita by Debi Singer


Wonder by Debi Singer


Waves of Wonder by Debi Singer


Thistles by Debi Singer


Thistle by Debi Singer


My Steel Magnolia by Debi Singer


Royal Frangi by Debi Singer


Purple Elephants by Debi Singer


Place of Wonder by Debi Singer


Lace by Debi Singer


Oh My by Debi Singer


Frangi At It's Best by Debi Singer


Curves of Wonder by Debi Singer


The Black Rose by Debi Singer


Black Magnolia by Debi Singer


Place Of Wonder by Debi Singer


All About Christmas by Debi Singer


Ruby by Debi Singer


Rasberry by Debi Singer


Rasberries by Debi Singer


Purple Hearts by Debi Singer


Purple Heart by Debi Singer


Remembering Magenta by Debi Singer


Lemon by Debi Singer


Joy by Debi Singer



Flamingo by Debi Singer


Exposed by Debi Singer


Dark Lavendar by Debi Singer


Byzantine by Debi Singer


Boston University by Debi Singer


Blushing by Debi Singer


Baby Blues by Debi Singer


I Am Soft and Pink by Debi Singer


All Closed Up by Debi Singer


A Dip of Purple by Debi Singer


A Bushel of Pink by Debi Singer


Forward by Debi Singer


I Am Shy by Debi Singer


Fade Into Pink by Debi Singer


Purple Me Not by Debi Singer


Look At Me by Debi Singer


Mona Lisa by Debi Singer


Perfect Pair by Debi Singer


Orchid Town by Debi Singer


How Perfect Life Can Be by Debi Singer


Oh Orange Me by Debi Singer


Little Faces by Debi Singer


Kim by Debi Singer